April 1th 2004: FreeRouting website created

July 8th 2004: Interface to Specctra dsn design file format implemented

August 2th 2004: "Item visibility" added to Properties menu

August 21th 2004: Via Keepout and Outline implemented

September 5th 2004: Performance of Search Tree improved

October 7th 2004: Layer Dimming and Display Clearance Violations added

December 1th 2004: Upgraded to Java 1.5

December 22th 2004: Redesign of the parameter handling

January 7th 2005: Item info windows added

January 17th 2005: Incomplete calculation improved (Delaunay Triangulation).

March 2nd 2005 Clearance matrix editor added

March 25th 2005 Info menu added

March 30th 2005 Pin swap added

April 20th 2005 Net class menu added

May 5th 2005 Highlight obstacle if shove failed

May 10th 2005 Component Keepout implemented

May 26th 2005 Placement functionality (move and rotate ) completed

May 30th 2005 Trace length matching ellipse implemented

June 23th 2005 Aligning Components implemented

July 15th 2005 Eagle interface added

July 23th 2005 Rules generated in Freeroute saved to file after writing session-file

August 20th 2005 Pin exit restrictions implemented for traces

August 29th 2005 Automatic neck down added

October 14th 2005 German version added

November 19th 2005 Online help added

December 22th 2005 Pushing vias while routing implemented

February 6th 2006 First simple single layer autorouting implemented

April 6th 2006 Simple via insertion in autorouter implemented

May 2nd 2006 First simple batch autorouter with ripup capability implemented

May 23th 2006 First trace push algorithm implemented in autorouter

July 9th 2006 Partial vias implemented in autorouter

July 18th 2006 Automatic neckdown implemented in autorouter

August 1st 2006 Autoroute parameter window added

November 20th 2006 Software can be used online via Java Web Start

December 6th 2006 Forums opened.

February 18th 2007 Old versions of the router retained.

March 6th 2007 It is now possible to save the rules created in the router when writing a Specctra session file or an Eagle script file.

March 30th 2007 Net topologies like daisy chains or star shaped nets supported.

April 16th 2007 Conversion from Java 5 to Java 6.

June 27th 2007 Performance of the 90-degree autorouter improved by a factor 3 at least.

August 18th 2007 Performance of the 45-degree autorouter improved by a factor 3 at least.

January 20th 2008 Fanout pre-routing pass implemented in the autorouter.

March 10th 2008 After the autorouter has found all connections a postroute pass follows to improve the result.