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Welcome to Our Printed Circuit Board Routing Software

Main Features:

The interactive push & shove router is production stable and unsurpassed in its free angle capabilities.

An autorouter is currently under development. It is already stable in the conventional 45 degree routing mode. The speed of the autorouter is still a bit slow, but the quality of the routing results is very good when compared with the results of existing autorouters.

The web-based version of the router is free.

It communicates with host PCB design systems via the standard Specctra DSN interface. There exists also an interface to Cadsoft-Eagle.

Click here to launch the router!

When the router does not load Java 6 may not yet be installed on your computer. You can download Java 6 from here.

Usage of the router together with a host PCB design system:

1) Create a .dsn-file with the Specctra interface of your host system.

2) Launch the router.

3) Push "Open Your own Design" and select your created .dsn-file in the file chooser.

4) Do some interactive routing or start the autorouter in the toolbar of the board editor.

5) After you have finished choose "Export Specctra Session File" in the file menu.

4) Import the generated session file with the Specctra interface into your host system.

The router fits together with FreePCB, Kicad, gEDA, CadSoft-Eagle and all host PCB design software containing an interface to the Specctra or Electra autorouter.