Verson 1.305 and dissappearing traces

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Verson 1.305 and dissappearing traces

Postby renefreepcb » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:00 am

Bruce when bringing back into FreePCB the routed design using the Import .ses file, some of the top layer and bottom layer traces appear for a few seconds and then dissappear, other traces top and bottom layers okay.
It is as if these traces were never routed, they actually can re-appear as ratlines.

any idea as to why and what is actually happening? am I doing something wrong?
I created a design in TinyCAD and imported the NET into FreePCB, then created the necessary files and did all the design checks and then use freerouter using the export .dsn. Routing was indeed successful and then exported the ses file which when it is imported to freePCB for a few seconds looks fine then the traces disappear.

I downloaded your latest version 1.305
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